Angela Nobile

The strength of the family
The love for sartoria
The search for happiness

Since her childhood the designer has grown between looms, silk threads and the sweet singing of bobbins.

This world arouses the curiosity and desire to experiment , first for fun and then for work. From here his inspiration and his dedication to the art of creating comes out, learning and wanting to transfer her knowledge to the new generations.

This passion is handed down to her by her maternal grandmother and by her aunt, a well-known embroiderer of Bruno di Belmonte Baroness. His homeland, Sicily, immediately became an inspirational muse from which it is difficult to detach.

From this world, enchanted for her, leaves to follow styling and modeling studies at the prestigious High Fashion School in Rome.

Tradition and Experimentation

Then, she attends to several classical and high-fashion embroidery courses, specializing in gold embroidery, and starts to design the first wedding dress for her lifelong friends.

After these very important training moments, Angela Nobile returns to her roots and in Modica gives life to her personal brand and to an innovative atelier where tradition and experimentation coexist happily together.

From 2014 he has participated in numerous bridal fashion events around Italy, Rome, San Remo, Bergamo, Messina, Ragusa receiving fashion awards and important awards for his unique creations.

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