``If every dress I create is thought like a work of art to be preserved and handed downfrom mother to daughter, this could dialogue very well with the artistic creations exhibited in a museum``.

With this reflection the Angela Nobile spring / summer high fashion bridal collection is born.

With this concept Angela Nobile has wanted to have on a line of clothes very similar to white stone sculptures, with 3D floral embroidery, the insertion of crochet embroidery , with decisive but at the same time soft and romantic volumes. The collection is elegant with natural white nuances, very light, which seems to model itself in the surrounding space. Some creations have details designed with shades of pastel color, a constant very dear to the designer, which stand out on embroidery and accessories. These samples of colored hues immediately take us back to the typical Sicilian countryside characterized by fragrant aromatic herbs, centuries-old olive trees and wild flowers.

The “Solo per te” collection creates an incredible combination, the one between art and fashion: clothes designed like sculptures that are modeled on one’s own body, coming out of a museum exhibition to enter into the personal life of every woman. Exclusive couture works as an expression of an all-female sensitive work and a personal reminder of the family tradition that never fades.

Even the photographs of the advertising campaign were made in a place that smells of creativity: the sculpture workshops of the Liceo Artistico in Modica, including plaster casts, works in Modica stone and work tools, to remember all those workers who over the centuries they have made the Sicilian land and its architecture unique.