Angela Nobile, Sicilian woman, artistic creator so she loves to define herself creates her own brand that bears her name

Her goal is to create wedding dresses and high fashion with a refined taste. Her dreams and desires walk alone since she was a child with ingenuity and lightness. About her childhood lived in Sicily at the home of her maternal grandmother and the aunt known embroiderer of the baroness Bruno di Belmonte, surrounded by lace, silk threads, looms, high fashion fabrics transport her to an enchanted world.

Her dream was too big for a child. Her task was to comply with the wishes of her parents to give priority to studies. Having become a woman she decides that in her future there must be room for her creativity. With the help of her husband and her sons and her tenacity that distinguishes her, she decides to give up a job that she did not feel belonged to her and she deepens all the skills she needs.

He confers the diploma in stylism and modeling, deepens his studies of high fashion embroidery and participates in various events by acquiring the 1st prize Single Stylist in Pietrasanta, 1st prize in Bergamo Sposi, participation with wedding dresses show at Casa Sanremo 2010.

She collaborates with international stylists acquiring and deepening her knowledge of her as much as possible. Angela Nobile is a 360-degree designer for her skills and knowledge. This is the story of a woman who decides to get involved by overcoming obstacles and separating the negative from the positive.