The research for a new personal beauty

The Sicilian high fashion bridal maison Angela Nobile is inspired by the creative and polyhedral personality of its founder, fashion designer Angela Nobile who for years has followed with her “mission”: that of giving brides a true dream that remains indelible throughout their life.

Each creation embodies the excellence of Made in Italy

The personal concept of elegance is clearly and emotionally expressed in his creations that take on a simple style but with precious embroidery. The wedding dressess are made of natural fibers and luxury lace hand embroidered as it used to be with a continuous exaltation of the most ancient Sicilian techniques without neglecting the latest fashion trends on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York. Angela Nobile’s style, who has the courage to look to the future without erasing the past for an incredible fusion of traditions, artistic visions and so much passion.

Each creation embodies the excellence of Made in Italy that is great in all phases of conception and design of a tailor-made suit: from the sketch to the final try together with the future brides.

The end result will be a cool and laborious process entrusted to the experience of Angela Nobile and highly skilled artisans who want to celebrate women inspired by her inner beauty, her personal history and her sweetness.