The Showroom

The meeting between the designer Angela Nobile and her beloved brides is always a very personal moment of great emotional impact. In each appointment there is an exchange of ideas, values and life experiences that enrich one’s soul. For this reason Angela Nobile wanted for her meetings an unique and unrepeatable place.

Thus, a laboratory / atelier was born located in the historic Contrada Pirato in Modica, an unusual space between nature and the fascinating mystery that envelops it, the chirping of birds, the smells of flowers to live a 360 ° sensory experience impregnated with atmospheres that we are now forgetting, out of the modern life styles.

In summer the garden of his atelier, is colored and transformed by hosting artistic installations of artists, aperitifs are organized with poets and writers, there are presentations of special accessories for the bride for her most beautiful day.

This is not a shop, but a study and relaxation environment far from the chaotic noise of the city, where the bride can feel at home relaxed and pampered. A place where Beauty becomes woven material, in which sartorial art is transformed into meaningful sensations, where every dream is realized.